All games will be played in accordance with F.I.F.A. rules.


a) All teams must be currently registered with their respective provincial or state association.

b) All teams must provide proof of permission to travel from their district, provincial or state association. The tournament committee must receive this no later than seven (7) days prior to the tournament. (Hamilton District teams do not require a travel permit).

c) All teams not registered with the Ontario Soccer Association must provide proof that it has medical and liability insurance coverage.

d) All teams may register eighteen (18) players for the tournament. A team roster must be submitted prior to the start of the tournament and only those listed may play. Teams may register 4 coaches/officials. Each team is allowed to include up to 3 registered guest players (from another club) on its roster. Including players from its own club, a team may bring up to 6 guest players. Trial or Temporary Permits for guest players (if required) must be presented at the time of registration. Only those players and coaches listed on the roster are permitted to participate in the tournament. There will be no alterations to the roster permitted once the tournament has started.

e) All players must have a current player registration card with photograph and be registered with their team through their respective provincial or state association. All players must be born on or after January 1st of the appropriate year for the age group in which their team is entered.

f) Registration cards must be produced to the tournament headquarters at registration and may be inspected at any time during the tournament.

g) Players may only play for one team during the tournament.

h) Teams and players unable to provide acceptable registration documents will not be allowed to play in any tournament game.

i) Any team playing an ineligible player will have their previous games recorded as losses and will be disqualified from the tournament.

j) Only players and registered officials are permitted to sit on the players bench side of the field.


a) Length of games will be as follows.

U13 - U18 - 2 x 25 min halves (Max 150 minutes per day). Half time will be five (5) minutes.

b) Games will be scored: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.

c) Each team will have a minimum of 1 hour rest between games.

d) In the event of inclement weather, poor field conditions, or unforeseen circumstances, the tournament committee shall have the authority to change the above format.

e) No game will be allowed to start in an electrical storm and where such a storm occurs during a game, play will be immediately suspended until the storm passes. If a game is abandoned, the tournament committee will rule on its status, but every attempt will be made to complete the game as scheduled. When 75% or more of the total game has been played and play cannot continue the game will automatically be ruled complete.


a) In the event of teams being tied in preliminary round standings, the following tie breaking procedure will be used to declare group winners, wildcard teams, byes and/or placement: NOTE: when more than two teams are tied and we commence the tie breaking procedure, we continue down the list until the tie is completely broken (at no time do we re-start at the top of the tie breaking procedure)

i) winner of game between tied teams

ii) most wins during preliminary round

iii) goal difference (goals scored minus goals against) NOTE: Teams are only credited with a maximum +5 goals per game

iv) least goals against

v) in the case of a bye or placement (groups or divisions where both teams will advance regardless of outcome), criteria 4a i) through to 4a iv) shall apply. If still tied a coin toss will determine the team with the bye or placement

vi) penalty kicks as per FIFA Laws of the Game (5), if it remains tied then alternate penalty kicks as per FIFA Laws of the Game until a decision has been reached (if a team is not available for penalty kicks they will be deemed to have forfeited)

viii) in the event that wild cards must be selected, such teams shall be those with the best non-qualifying record in the age division determined by the number of points accumulated. In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the tie breaking procedure will be followed. No wild card team shall play against a team from its own group until the final. If required the away teams will be switched.

b) In the event of tied games in the playoff rounds, there will be no overtime. The winner will be decided by penalty kicks as per FIFA Laws of the Game (5), if it remains tied then alternate penalty kicks as per FIFA Laws of the Game until a decision has been reached.

NOTE: Only players on the field at the end of the period will be eligible to take penalty kicks.

c) If possible, teams that played during the Preliminary Round will not play against each other until the Final (if required the away teams will be switched, if this doesn't solve the issue the teams will be crossed over)


The Tournament will not be responsible for providing First Aid at the field locations. Teams are required to provide emergency first aid to their players. If a team requires Emergency Medical Services, please advise the convenor and EMS will be contacted.


a) A team shall be allowed a ten minute grace period from the scheduled kick-off time if there are less than seven players present, before the game is awarded to their opponents.

b) If a team forfeits a game, their opponents will be awarded a win and given 3 points and the game will stand at a 3-0 score. If both teams fail to show, neither team will be awarded points and both will be shown as having a loss with a 0-0 score.

c) Failure to appear will lead to forfeiture of a team’s entry fee, and will be reported to their Regional, Provincial or State Association.

d) Any team forfeiting or quitting a game will be disqualified from the tournament, and will be reported to their Regional, Provincial or State Association.


a) A player receiving a red card will be suspended from the next game and could be subject to further disciplinary action. Any player receiving two red cards will be disqualified from the tournament.

b) A player that receives two cautions during the tournament will be suspended from the next game. The player will receive another game suspension for every caution thereafter.

c) A coaching official ordered from the field for misconduct is automatically suspended for one game. If the coaching official refuses to leave the park immediately, the game will be forfeited.

d) The Tournament Discipline Committee will rule on all matters of discipline and will impose such penalties as are merited.

e) The Tournament Committee will be forwarding misconduct reports for all cautions and dismissals along with a Discipline Summary Report to the O.S.A.

f) Teams will be responsible for keeping their spectators under control and will be held responsible for any misconduct.


Teams must wear numbers on the back of their shirts. Each player shall have a different number which must coincide with the players name and numbers as shown on the game sheet. In the event that team colours clash, the home team will change uniforms. The home team is required to provide a suitable game ball. (Home team is the first team on the schedule). All player equipment is subject to the referee's approval.


Scheduling and refereeing will be the responsibility of the Tournament Committee.


a) No limit to the number of substitutions to be made during games, but substitutions can only be made at the following times and upon proper notification to the referee/assistant referees:

i) when a goal is scored

ii) at a goal kick

iii) at half time or start of overtime

iv) on own throw in (at the referee's discretion) note: if one team makes a substitution the other team is allowed

v) in the event of injury

vi) at the referee's discretion

b) No substitution will be allowed for a player ordered from the field by the referee.


All protests must be in writing and delivered to the Tournament Headquarters as designated by the Tournament Committee. This must be accompanied with a non-refundable cash fee of $100 within one (1) hour of the completion of the game to which the protest relates. The referee is the sole timekeeper of each game. No protest of a referee's decision will be entertained. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final. There will be no appeals. A copy of the protest must be given to the coach of the other team likely affected by the result of the protest ruling before a protest will be considered.


a) All game sheets must be handed to the field convenor prior to each game. Game sheets must be signed by the referee and one official from each team.

b) The Tournament Committee and the Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part.

c) Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited at any field or facility used by this tournament.


e) Harassment or intimidation of the referees will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with this could result in team Officials and\or the team being suspended from further tournament play. A written report will be sent to the Ontario Soccer Association and the district or league in which the team is registered.

f) The Tournament Committee and the Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club will not be liable for any injuries sustained by any participant in the tournament on or off the field.

g) All cancellations after July 1st shall forfeit all monies to the Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club. Teams withdrawing prior to this will be charged a $75 administrative fee.

Brantford Soccer Classic


Branlyn Park - Blue
238 Brantwood Park Rd
Branlyn Park - Red
238 Brantwood Park Rd
Devon Down Park
70 Abigail Ave
Jaycee Sports Park
395 Dunsdon Street
John Wright - Blue
45 Fifth Ave
John Wright - Green
45 Fifth Ave
John Wright - Red
45 Fifth Ave
John Wright - Yellow
45 Fifth Ave
Lions Park - 1 (Enclosure)
12 Edge Street
Lions Park - 2 (Red)
12 Edge Street
Lions Park - 3 (Brooklyn)
12 Edge Street
Lions Park - Blue
12 Edge Street
Mohawk Park
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Waterworks Park
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