The Brantford Soccer Classic Festival is open to Boys and Girls teams from U9 to U12. Mixed teams can play in the Boys Festival.

This Festival will be a one day event. Teams will play 2 games.

In keeping with OSA’s A Guide to Festivals in Ontario, there will be no scores and standings kept and no winners will be recorded. No trophies will be presented but all players may receive a memento of the Festival.

The OSA LTPD Development Matrix will be used. The following additions will be in effect:

Eligible Teams

The Festival is classified as Inter-District which means that teams from anywhere within the Province of Ontario are eligible to apply. All non-HDSA teams will require a Travel Permit approved by their district association.

Game Format

U9 and U10 teams will play 7 vs 7. A maximum of 14 players can participate (or be on the bench) in a game.

U11 and U12 teams will play 9 vs 9. A maximum of 16 players can participate (or be on the bench) in a game.

Game Duration

Each game will be 50 minutes long (2 x 25 min. halves). There must be a minimum of one-hour rest between games.

In order to ensure compliance with LTPD guidelines for maximum playing time which is 80 minutes for U9 to U12 players:

1. A player can play for only one team in the festival.

2. For U9 and U10 each team shall comprise a minimum 9/ maximum 14 number of players dressed (on the bench) per game. For U11 and U12 each team shall comprise a minimum 12/ maximum 16 number of players dressed (on the bench) per game. If either team does not have the stipulated minimum number of players available at the start of the game or at any time during the game, the game shall be shortened to 40 minutes (2 x 20 min. halves). Referees will be instructed to strictly apply this rule.

3. Coaches are required to give fair playing time to all players, including goalkeepers, and thus ensure that no player exceeds the permitted maximum minutes per day. Team rosters will be checked and games will be monitored by the organizing committee in this regard. Any violations will be reported to the team's district association.

Offsides and Throw-ins

U9 and U10 - there will be no offsides and no throw-ins (players will kick the ball in). Note: A goal may not be scored directly from a kick in.

U11 and U12 - offsides and throw-ins will be in effect.

Retreat Line

When the goalkeeper has possession of the ball during a goal kick or after making a save, the opposing team members must "retreat" to the predetermined area of the field. The predetermined areas are as follows:

U9 and U10 – 1/3 line (determined by referee)

U11 and U12 – 1/3 line (determined by referee)

After the opposing team members have retreated to the appropriate part of the field, the goalkeeper can now throw or kick the ball to a team mate. Only after the teammate has received the ball from the goalkeeper, is the ball in play and opposition players can pressure and attempt to win it back. All opponents must be behind the retreat line and cannot cross the retreat line until the ball: is touched by a player of the team taking the goal kick OR, leaves the field of play OR, goes over the retreat line.

If the goalkeeper chooses not to wait for the opposing players to "retreat" and throws or kicks the ball down the field, the ball is instantly in play and does not require a player from the goalkeeper’s team to touch the ball first. The ball is in play once it leaves the penalty area.

Free Kicks, Pass Backs, Corner Kicks, Kick-offs

U9 and U10 - all free kicks will be indirect with the exception of the penalty kick. Goalkeepers within the Penalty Area may handle the ball with their hands on a deliberate pass back. A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick. A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

U11 and U12 - direct free kicks may be awarded. Goalkeepers are not allowed to handle the ball with their hands on a deliberate pass back. A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick. A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.


There is no limit to the number of player substitutions during a game, but a substitution can only be made during the following stoppages at the referee’s discretion.

  • When a goal is scored
  • At a goal kick
  • On own throw-ins (kick-ins)
  • When the other team is substituting (piggy back)
  • For an injured player at the referee’s discretion.


All teams must present proof of registration with their District Association. All teams from outside the Hamilton District Soccer Association (HDSA) must supply, no later than one week before the Festival date, a permission to travel form from their home District.

All teams must register at the tournament at least one hour before their first game. Players are not required to attend registration. Registration hours will be published on the festival website when the schedule is posted.

The following documents must be presented at registration:

1. Festival Master Roster (2 copies)

2. OSA Players' Books or approved OSA roster

3. OSA Team Officials' Books

4. Approved Travel Permit (for non-HDSA teams).

Only the team officials on the Master Roster are allowed on the bench.


The festival organizing committee will be responsible for nets and corner flags.

The home team of each game will be asked to supply the game ball. Size 4 ball shall be used for all games.

The home team will be asked to change their jerseys if two teams have identical or similar team colours.


Referees will be assigned by the Festival.

Brantford Soccer Classic


Branlyn Park - Blue
238 Brantwood Park Rd
Branlyn Park - Red
238 Brantwood Park Rd
Devon Down Park
70 Abigail Ave
Jaycee Sports Park
395 Dunsdon Street
John Wright - Blue
45 Fifth Ave
John Wright - Green
45 Fifth Ave
John Wright - Red
45 Fifth Ave
John Wright - Yellow
45 Fifth Ave
Lions Park - 1 (Enclosure)
12 Edge Street
Lions Park - 2 (Red)
12 Edge Street
Lions Park - 3 (Brooklyn)
12 Edge Street
Lions Park - Blue
12 Edge Street
Mohawk Park
51 Lynwood Drive
Waterworks Park
390 Grand River Ave